Plain Parade strives to provide an alternative to the current live music offerings by putting together intimate events at a variety of venues in Philadelphia. It was founded by Maria Tessa Sciarrino and Sara Sherr in 2002, after a couple years of collaborating on events.

Featuring up and coming acts from around the globe as well as those found in Philadelphia, our programming spans the spectrum from indie to punk, to folk and pop, from book readings and film screenings, to dj nights and comedy.

Who We Are

Sara brings over 10 years of experience writing about the Philadelphia music scene for local and national outlets. Her writing has appeared in various spaces such as the Philadelphia Weekly, City Paper, and Village Voice; currently she is a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. When Sara sends out a press release, the entire world takes notice.

In her free time Sara enjoys Sunday night karaoke at the Locust Bar, perfoming with the Dumpsta Players, maintaining a badass wig collection and reminiscing about being raised by bees.

A photography graduate of the University of the Arts, Maria's work has somehow graced many posters, magazines, CD packaging and Plain Parade's promotional materials. She is also the organizer of the Philly Rock Lotto and likes to torment the general listening public on WPRB. A bona-fide jack of all trades, Maria's can-do attitude often leads to her working all hours of the night on many of the fine details that come with Plain Parade events.


Philadelphia City Paper, Oct 2004 »
Thanks to Pat Rapa, we are voted Best Dancing Bookers. We can now rest easy knowing our fine fine dancing skills have been recognized.

cp choice logo

Philadelphia City Paper, Oct 2003 »
We were voted Best Upstart Show Bookers. This allowed us to drink lots of free alcohol at a snooty VIP lounge. Thanks Brian Howard!

Philadelphia Weekly, Oct 2003 »
Feature article in the Fall Music Issue.

Philadelphia Metro, August 2003 »
Most people recognized us from this piece more than from anything else.

Philadelphia Weekly, March 2003 »
This is too cool. We were ranked #24!

Weekly Press Article Jan 2003 »
You'll need Adobe Acrobat to check this out.

City Paper March 2002 »
A full-length feature on the eve of Sugar Town's one-year anniversary.